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Alleviate the challenges of managing people with tailored coaching and leadership development that transforms managers into capable, confident and well rounded leaders of people. 

H.A.V.E. the Solutions to Leadership Excellence: Unlock your potential with our Honing, Achieving, Visioning, and Evolving approach to become an exceptional leader.

Ready to Make a Bigger Impact?: Discover how you can achieve greater success, influence those around you, and lead your organization towards new heights.

Navigating Career Shifts?: In a rapidly changing world, gain clarity and confidence in your career shifts with our guidance. We help you thrive amidst changes in your career and the ever-evolving corporate and social landscape.


Achieving Outstanding Results: Striving for peak performance but not hitting the mark? We can help you surpass your targets and excel.


Identifying Your Roadblocks: Is there a hidden obstacle hindering your success? Let's uncover and conquer it together.


Becoming the Exceptional Leader You Aspire to Be: Do you dream of being the manager, supervisor, director, CEO, or leader everyone admires? It's time to take the next step with our guidance.

Alleviate the challenges of managing people with tailored coaching and leadership development that transforms managers into confident, capable and well rounded leaders of people. 

Coach Offerings

Leadership Accelerator Program

A predefined transformative coaching & leadership development program designed to empower and boost the confidence of new frontline leaders, team managers, coordinators, and aspiring leaders. Through interactive workshops, personalized coaching, and proven leadership models, you'll acquire the skills and insights needed to excel in your role. Take the first step towards your leadership journey today

Customized Leadership Coaching and Development Programs

Our service is tailored to your unique needs and combines narrative 360 assessments with data analysis. We craft a personalized plan to target growth areas and specific goals, ensuring you achieve measurable outcomes. Experience enhanced performance, career growth, and personal development with our expert guidance.

One-on-One Coaching

Facing critical career challenges? Our focused 1:1 coaching offers rapid, targeted solutions for professionals seeking to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Perfect for individuals looking for targeted, effective guidance.

Straight from the Source

What others have experienced with me as their coach

Thank you Goldie, for your insightful coaching session! By balancing careful listening and thought provoking questions, you were able to quickly help me open up a new valuable outlook for my current circumstance. 

What I liked most was your ability to reflect and articulate what you heard, which created an incredible amount of awareness for me. Thank you for creating this safe space!


- C.M.

Goldie is🔥. She’s been my coach for a few months, and my growth has accelerated because of her boldness and compassion. As a PMP, she has a breadth of organizational experience and a strategic mind to guide me through the weeds of my life, and into what will bring courage and success. If you want to get to the next level, don’t hesitate to sign up today!


- Jonathan Evans, Infinitum Leadership

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