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Goldie Hartford

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The essence of the H.A.V.E. Solutions name lies in the profound connection between being Heard, Appreciated, Valued, and the subsequent ability to become truly Engaged in what holds significance for us. This connection is where we discover genuine meaning and purpose.


Within each of us lies the inherent capability to navigate challenges. I am here to help individuals and organizations in discovering these Solutions. Whether it's through coaching, digital support, or project management, my goal is to guide you in discovering and utilizing the tailored solutions that drive success and growth. 

Hi, I'm Goldie!

I am your Certified Executive Coach, PMP Certified Project Manager, and Digital Operations Manager. Instead of sticking to one specialized service, I've accumulated a diverse range of skills over the years. Think of me as your reliable toolkit – when challenges arise, simply reach in and select the skill you need. I'm known as a versatile problem-solver, offering solutions for a variety of issues. It's not just a service; it's a dependable source for tailored solutions.

My Solutions


I work with individuals to alleviate the challenges of managing people with tailored coaching and leadership development that transforms managers into capable, confident and well rounded leaders of people. 


I leverage my versatile skill set in technology to assist organizations, both small and large, with their unique business requirements. Whether it's providing digital operations support or serving as a project manager, I offer comprehensive expertise to address various aspects of your business needs.

Are you a professional aspiring to elevate your leadership career to new heights, guiding teams and organizations to success?

Are you ready to take the next steps in your leadership journey, but are uncertain about where to begin?

Do you aspire to create opportunities for individuals in your organization to thrive and grow under your leadership?

Do you believe in providing the essential tools and support to set individuals up for success on their career paths?

In pinpointing the pain points within your business processes, can you clearly describe the tangible impact these inefficiencies have on your day-to-day workflow and, more critically, on your revenue-generating capabilities?

Do you have a project or idea that's been waiting in the wings, hindered by a lack of time or expertise? How might addressing this project contribute to your broader goals, and what impact could it have on your overall success?"

Unlock your potential. Propel your success!

Welcome to H.A.V.E. Solutions, a transformative coaching and consulting hub. I elevate individuals and organizations alike through tailored strategies that ignite growth, harness innovation, and conquer challenges.


With a proven track record of fostering excellence, I am your partner in achieving remarkable outcomes. Join me in shaping a future of limitless possibilities.

Goldie Hartford

My clients do the tough work and end up feeling like


What it's like to work with me

Image by Daniel Andrade

Goldie was an incredible coach! She helped me through realizing what my workplace deal breakers were, what I was passionate about and assisted with my resume. I would suggest Goldie to anyone who is looking for a personable and effective coach!

- Christina

Goldie is a very professional, caring, and insightful coach. She is a great listener and asks such thought-provoking questions which has led me to learn a lot about myself, and my professional skillset. My coaching sessions with Goldie have enabled me to work out solutions for myself that I honestly may not have gotten to without her leading me through deeper introspection and reflection. I didn’t know exactly what I was hoping to get out of our coaching sessions initially but now I don’t know what I would do without them.  I highly recommend coaching with Goldie for anyone; whether they are in a new role, looking to grow in a current role, or just looking for a confidante to walk through challenges with.     


- Nicole 

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